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Finding help with your homework or other school-related questions is challenging. Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal teacher, available at any time, 7 days a week, who is ready to answer all your questions?

Any subject

24/7 access

Best teachers

Only pay for results

across all age groups, from Maths and Physics to Literature and Foreign Languages

no appointments necessary, whenever you need help with your school work

selected for you based on education, effectiveness, and rating

pay to have your questions answered rather than tutoring time. No subscription fees

The best, easiest and cheapest way to find answers!

We can find you the best teacher available right away, for free. You only have to pay for the actual answers to your questions. The teachers will inform you how much their help will cost, and if you agree to their fee, that is all you will have to pay, regardless of how much work it involves for the teacher. There are no hidden fees.

Tip: if you don’t own a bank card, ask your parents how you can pay the teachers before you ask any questions

There are two ways in which you can get help.

The fast option — ask the best teacher right now.
If you need the best teacher available right now, what you need to do is:

Choose the subject on the Teachers page
that you need help with

Click ‘Ask the best teacher’ to send your question
to the best teacher we have available, or you may prefer to choose a specific teacher

Ask your question
and attach any relevant pictures or documents

Wait for the teacher to accept the question
and you can start your session

Discuss your question with the teacher
or they may suggest that you switch to the Virtual Classroom

Remember that at any point, you may be requested to pay a fee
before receiving some of the answers. You can choose whether to pay or not

Follow the link to make payment,
for which you’ll need a bank card ready (you may need your guardian’s help)

Keep going until all your questions are answered,
as long as you are happy with the teacher

Rate the teacher at the end of your session
with either a thumbs up or a thumbs down


The top offer — ask everyone and pick the best one

Similar to an auction, if you want to find the best available teachers, at the lowest prices, you can post your question and wait for the teachers to make their offers (rest assured, we will never publish your real name). There're might be teachers ready to help you for free (don't forget to 'like' their answer).

Post your question or problem on the Questions page
where all the teachers will see it

Wait for offers from the teachers to appear
Either accept one of the answers and mark it as the best one (to say 'thanks' to the teacher), or compare them according to cost and ratings

Pick the offer that suits you best
in order to start a conversation with that teacher

Get help during a private online lesson
the same way as you did if you’d chosen the first, fastest way


Study in a Virtual Classroom

During the session your teacher may decide to use our Virtual Classroom environment where you will have the use of:

  • An interactive whiteboard
  • File sharing
  • Voice and video chat

Will we charge you?

No, our service is completely free for pupils. However, you should be ready to pay your teachers when they request it. When your teacher decides that a payment is needed in order to continue the session, you will see the notification and payment link in your dialogue box. To make the payment, you should have a bank card ready. Once the teacher receives the payment, they will continue the session. However, parts of the session may be free at the teacher's discretion.

Is it safe?

Before any sessions can be started, we thoroughly check every teacher you may have contact with on our website. Our stringent rules help us to protect our underage visitors and their personal information. Should you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at